Quantum Computing

Systems, architectures, materials and algorithms, to advance quantum computing as an industry, including a multi-node quantum testbed that enables researchers to explore and implement new ideas for distributed quantum processing and quantum networks. With Illinois' strong interdisciplinary leadership in quantum technologies across physics, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, and materials science, and IBM’s world-class expertise in quantum computing, researchers will aim to envision and realize the future of hardware and software for quantum information.

IBM will also work closely with Illinois and other local partners on workforce development through the development of educational curriculum, graduate programs that combine academic research with industry experience at IBM Quantum in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., and a focus on the diversity and inclusion of the broader quantum workforce and community.

Research Projects

Topic Illinois Faculty IBM Technical Leads 
Modular Qubit Architectures Wolfgang Pfaff Matthias Steffen
Superconducting Devices Based on High Kinetic Inductances Angela Kou Matthias Steffen
Optimal Measurements in State Discrimination Problems and their Efficient Implementation Eric Chitambar, Felix Leditzky Srinivasan Arunachalam
First-Principles Defect Simulations and Quantum Embedding Andre Schleife Barbara Jones
Quantum Education and Training Brian DeMarco, Emily Edwards Kayla Lee