Sustainability-focused innovation and discovery to address grand climate challenges through carbon accounting, capture and utilization. Powered by IBM Research and leveraging Illinois' technology strengths, extensive domain expertise in climate science, sustainable supply chains and CO2 management strengths, researchers will explore technologies to create a sustainable hybrid cloud and climate-smart supply chains and accelerate the discovery of new materials for CO2 capture and conversion.

Current Research Projects

Illinois Faculty IBM Technical Leads  Topic
He, Jingrui; Tong, Hanghang; Ainsworth, Elizabeth Weldemariam, Kommy; Zhu, Yada; Hamann, Hendrik ; Ganti, Raghu  "Climate Runtime”: Programing Fabric for Geospatial Representation, Fusion and Federation
Do, Minh; Zhao, Han; Vashist, Deepak Hamann, Hendrik

Foundation Model via Improved Spatio-Temporal Embedding

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